Laza Telečki
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Laza Telečki

Published 04.05.2013. [12:12]

Laza Telečki (Cumans, 1841-1873) was a Serbian theater actor. He was a prominent member of the Serbian National Theatre in Novi Sad.

He came from a poor family. His father died young, and his mother took care of him and his five siblings alone. Telečki was an excellent student and in 1852 he was admitted to Grammar School Karlovac. He continued his education in Vinkovci, and in Buda he finished the preparatory school for technical studies. After that, Laza Telečki went to Prague, where he entered technical studies, but due to lack of funds he had to leave the school.

After the studies he went to Novi Sad, where he received a job as a clerk in the law office of Svetozar Miletic. When the Serbian National Theatre was founded in Novi Sad in 1861, Telečki became an actor. During his short life he played more than 200 roles of different genres, mainly from the local repertoire.

Today in his hometown “Days of Laza Telečki” are traditionally organized in the memory of the great Serbian theater actor.



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