Under the bridge
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Under the bridge

Published 19.03.2012. [00:09]

The Branko’s bridge was built in 1957, replacing the former chain-stayed King Aleksandar I bridge. The bridge actually uses lower parts of the former bridge’s pylons as outer constraints for its two secondary spans. It has dual carriageway with three lanes in both directions; actually, it consists of two separate constructions in each direction, and the second was finished in 1979. It is 450 m long, made as continuous steel box girder, with central span of 261 m and side spans of 81.5 m each.




  • model: Canon EOS 5D Mark II
  • exposureTime: 30.000 s (30/1)
  • fnumber: f/11.0
  • isoEquiv: 100
  • focalLength: 34.00 (34/1)