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Published 06.03.2011. [13:07]

Knez Mihailova Street or Prince Mihailo Street is the main pedestrian and shopping zone in Belgrade, and is protected by law as one of the oldest and most valuable landmarks of the city. Named after Mihailo Obrenović III, Prince of Serbia, it features a large number of impressive buildings and mansions built during late 1870s. 1km long Knez Mihailova Street was declared Spatial Cultural-Historical Units of Great Importance in 1979, and it is protected by Republic of Serbia.

Source: Wikipedia


  • model: Canon EOS 40D
  • exposureTime: 0.025 s (1/40) (1/40)
  • fnumber: f/10.0
  • isoEquiv: 100
  • focalLength: 48.00 (48/1)