Plate on Rose Church
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Plate on Rose Church

Published 14.01.2013. [13:24]

It is believed that the sisters Ružica (english: Rose), Marica i Cveta have built three churches at the Belgrade Fortress as an endowment, which were named after them. An old song mentions a church under the name of Rose at the Belgrade Fortress.

The church was destroyed during the World War I, and it was rebuilt and consecrated on 11th October 1925. To commemorate the restoration of the church, a memorial plate was placed at the entrance on which was written: “During the World War I, 1914-1918. Austro-Hungarian and German forces looted and destroyed this holy temple of the army. The temple of God was rebuilt during the reign of the King of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, Alexander I and the administration of the first Serbian Patriarch Demetrios.”

During the restoration the two statues were placed at the entrance of the church, the Spearman of Emperor Dusan and the Pedestrian from the Balkan wars. Six icons from Nador camp in Africa were brought with the mediation of a military priest. Only two of them have been preserved.

The Rose church has been placed under the state protection since 31 May 1965.

Serbian Orthodox Church


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